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Embassy of the French Republic in Croatia

Economic Counsellor's office in Zagreb

In synergy with the central services, the international network of DG Trésor meets the needs of the State in terms of economic intelligence, international negotiation, analysis in macroeconomic, financial and public policies. In addition, it supports companies in their international development.

Business France Agency

Business France is responsible for the international development of French companies, international investments in France and the economic promotion of France.

Team France Export

The France Export Team (TFE) brings together all the public solutions offered by the Regions, State services, Business France, Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Bpifrance to support French companies internationally.

Croatian Chamber of Economy

The Croatian Chamber of Economy (HGK) is an independent professional and business organization, which promotes, represents and harmonizes the common interests of its members before state and other bodies in Croatia and abroad.

In the domestic market, we lobby for legislation in accordance with your interests through 63 associations and 33 communities of the Croatian Chamber of Economy. Through our regionally branched infrastructure you can get legal advice, a range of information, databases and entrepreneurial education, and we also co-finance your appearances at fairs, refer you to funding sources and advise on applying for EU funds. Chamber contacts can be your support with local development agencies, development banks, other state institutions, recommendations to a commercial bank or in public procurement, in the country or abroad.