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Application of the Schengen regime at Zagreb Airport

Application of the Schengen regime at Zagreb Airport

The start of application of the Schengen regime in the airports of the Republic of Croatia began on last day of March, as well as the summer flight schedule of 2023. Flights to and from the countries of the Schengen area become domestic flights!

There is no passport control and it is expected that travelers traveling to and from Schengen member states will now have easier travel and faster flow.

Croatian Book Night 2023 at Zagreb Airport

In mid  April the 2023 Book Night’s three-day programme included more than 1,100 events in 254 cities and other locations across Croatia – such as 155 public libraries, nearly 100 bookstores, antiquarian bookshops, publishing companies and 330 different institutions, ranging from schools and kindergartens, through museums and universities, to senior citizen’s homes and hospitals. This year one of the location was Zagreb Airport with a special event on April 19, in the pleasant space of the small ZAG Flybrary. In the departures where the noise of planes and the murmur of passengers is a daily occurrence, passengers waiting for their flight was entertained by the poet Matko Abramić from Varaždin with his peculiar poetic performance "Tell me a word and I'll write you a poem". Matko wrote poems to passengers on an old typewriter and attracted a lot of attention from passenger and the media who came to record this unique performance.

The publishing house Audio Store Transonica took care of the passengers leaving with a smile on their faces after the performance.

Passengers who were in ZAG Flybrary area during the performance received an audiobook as a gift from their application book&zvook.

Poetic book fair in the passenger terminal was a charming sound postcard in Book Night 2023.